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Zhejiang Qinyi Textile Technology Co., Ltd.(Qinyi technology) owns three large textile companies, including Shaoxing Qiangou Textile Co., Ltd.(QianGou Textile), Zhejiang Qiaosheng Textile Co., LTD.  and Shaoxing Yuzhu Import and Export Co., LTD.. Qinyi Technology includes home textile products, sports yoga products and baby textiles, and is committed to creating comprehensive, high-quality, environmentally friendly and healthy senior close-fitting textiles for customers.



Shaoxing QianGou Home Textile Co., Ltd. is a professional company specializing in the production and sales of home textiles products, including: Dream, Curtains, Chair covers, Sofa covers, bedding, Pillow and other products.


Zhejiang Qiaosheng Textile Co., LTD., an excellent fitness apparel manufacturing company, mainly produces yoga apparel, yoga supplies, men's fitness apparel. High quality close-fitting fabric makes Qiao Sheng's products popular with customers。



Shaoxing Yuzhu Import&Export Co., Ltd is a company focusing on Baby Care products, including: baby pillow, baby bibs, baby blankets, baby carpets and so on. Yuzhu is committed to producing soft, smooth, safe and environmentally friendly baby care fabrics.

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Room 902, Yongli Building, Keqiao District, Shaoxing, Zhejiang


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